The Power of “I AM”

I was on Facebook yesterday when I saw an image in my newsfeed that just grabbed me. The image was so powerful it had me thinking, a lot, about what we  humans are capable of if we will only believe in the power of “I am”.

The image was that of  Brazil’s three-time Paralympic sprinting champion Terezinha Guilhermina. She had Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the world, indulging her as her guide.

What struck me was that here was this blind woman, who somewhere, somehow, believed that she could run and at some point made it clear to her family and the world with the following, “I AM a runner”. I began to imagine what many told her along the way.

“Don’t run. You are blind. You will hurt yourself.”
“Don’t run. Where will you run to when you can’t see?”
“Don’t run. It’s never been done before. Where have you ever heard of a blind person running or becoming one of the fastest sprinter?”
I also imagined what she told herself when many discouraged her. The times she probably thought, “they are right and almost gave in.”

The times when she in fact suffered injuries because she lacked the sight to see.
Yet somehow, she said, as I imagine, “I AM a runner.” “I was born to do this.”
I tried to imagine the countless hard practices, the falls, the challenge to find her balance.

Nevertheless, with sheer determination and belief, she said, “I AM” a runner and made everyone believers.

And by virtue of just running, blind, she inspires the world, including me.

What is that one thing, right now, that you believe has permanently blinded you? What is that one thing that you have said, to yourself, that because you are “permanently blind” you have the license to sit back, play safe and not give it all you got?

What is that one thing that others keep telling you not to do because they KNOW you will run into things. You will injure yourself, badly.

What are others telling you about  that one thing?

What are you telling yourself about  that one thing?

Do you know YOUR power of “I AM?”

Despite the odds, Guilhermina has run blindly all the way to the top. What is your excuse for not doing the same?

Begin, right now, to say,

“I AM beautiful.”
“I AM wonderfully made in God’s image.”
“I AM successful.”
“I am powerful.”
“I am brilliant.”
“I am happy.”
“I am healthy.”
“I am in a very healthy relationship with myself.”
“I am in a very healthy relationship with my spouse, family, friends.”
“I AM ” whatever that one thing is you want in your life. Claim it. Believe. Then, put a whole lot of ACTION behind YOUR “I AM” and watch yourself climb all the way to the top like Guilhermina.

#Stepintoyourgreatness with YOUR Power of “I AM.
You can do it

With love,
~Ms. Uduak

Terezinha Guilhermina Usain Bolt

Photocredit: Getty Images

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