My Why

I was born in the United States but raised as a child in Nigeria, West Africa. While I have fond memories of my childhood in Nigeria, I also believed that it was a crime to be born or raised as a girl in that society. Truthfully, boys had all the fun and superpowers while girls were and continue to be marginalized, their voices stifled and violent acts committed against their persons.

If I had any doubts about the marginalization of girls and women, my personal experience where I was assaulted, as a child, cemented the deal. I buried the trauma and later channeled that energy towards advocacy work and a career as a lawyer, journalist and, writer that permitted me to lend my voice to the voiceless and to unequivocally refuse to be silenced where my views or positions varied from the majority. However, it was not until certain life events in my 20s triggered the traumatic experience forcing me to unwillingly deal with overwhelming fear, shame, guilt, stigma, and the reality that excellence in my career goals/achievements had no bearing on my wounded soul. Through what became a decade-long journey of finding and healing self, I discovered that it was only in embracing the fear that I could fully step into my greatness and live my best life.

My goal through the services I offer is to help empower leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to live fearless, powerful, passionate, authentic, and richly rewarding lives.

~Ms. Uduak