Bet on Yourself | #MsUduakDaily

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Over the weekend, I was thinking about how too often, many of us are willing to bet on other people’s dreams, projects or successes but our own. We believe that everyone else is worth betting on but ourselves. We believe everyone, but us, can build the most successful fortune 500 companies, record companies, design firms etc. Everyone, but us. We believe in everyone else’s dream but ours to the point that we look at ours with extreme doubt, disdain and if it is not validated by others, then it can’t possibly be as good.

Worse, when we see the non-conformists who actually believe in their dreams and are willing to bet on themselves, we get jealous, angry, and set out to destroy their dreams, their passions, because how dare they?

Check it people, BET ON YOURSELF.

Stop waiting for others to bet on you, validate you, inspire you, stimulate you, motivate you or bet on you. Bet on yourself.

You’ve been hit over and over again with life’s cruel curveballs, guess what? Get up, dust off and bet on yourself all over again.

You are an artist that just can’t seem to break into the music business, guess what? You are not the only one. What separates you from millions is that you are willing to take a chance on yourself. So, BET ON YOURSELF.

I don’t care what it is, how it is, how gloomy the picture looks, you should wake up everyday betting on yourself. It doesn’t matter what the realities of your current environment looks like: poverty, abuse, stress, health issues etc. No one else can walk this journey that is uniquely yours. No one else can carry you all the way to your final destination, whatever that destination may be. That job is yours and yours alone, with your God. Even if you have the best support system, you are still going to have to do the work of betting on yourself to get to the finish line. You must realize this, tune into it. If you’ve been whining for so long, quit with the nonsense.

If you’ve fallen and you just want to lay down flat and mope and cry, it’s time to get up and BET ON YOURSELF.

This week, bet on yourself. Stop sitting on the sidelines being a spectator of other people’s successes, or worse getting in the way. Get up, get on your marks, get set and BET on yourself! You can do it. #Stepintoyourgreatness

With love,