Never Give Up

MsUduakO Inspiration

Have you ever been hit by one of those life’s curveballs you fell so hard face-up that all you could see was the sky twirling and twirling at you? Have you ever, while on the ground, willed yourself to get up but nothing moves. You try again but still, nothing moves? So, you come to the conclusion that it is actually better to stay on the ground and never get back up. In fact, for the first time ever, you can really feel the pain of this fall so you, for the first time, really cry your eyes out because it hurts so much.

You are sure you broke a couple of bones, the sharp pain in your ribs seem to confirm it; and it is precisely why you have concluded you are better off not getting back up again, ever. You’ve always gotten up. You always got back in the game. Always come back up fighting but this time….this time you just don’t’ have the fight in you, anymore. Indeed, even the strongest of ropes when sawed at with as little as a table knife, for years, will eventually break.

You hear the chants of people surrounding you asking you to get back up. But the more they cheer you on, the more their faces become so dim you can no longer see or hear them. You are in your own world, feeling your breath get heavier, feeling the excruciating pain of life’s hard curveballs…you just know this is it.

Then, something… you are unsure where that something comes from…but something comes and you find yourself saying, “No way. This is not how I am going out. Definitely not like this.” And before you know it, even though you have been knocked down 100,000 times, you find that fight in you. You give that personal battle cry…and somehow you find it within you to muster every strength inside of you, and you get back up!

I have been there too many times to count which is why I can confidently tell you to NEVER EVER GIVE UP. NEVER EVER QUIT ON YOURSELF. KEEP GOING and trust me when I say the best life has to offer you is on its way.


Republished article supporting mental health and wellness awareness.