Trust the Process

Ms. Uduak Inspiration

To become a lawyer, I knew that if I went to law school, completed the courses I needed to, obtained my doctorate degree in law, and took the bar exam, I would obtain a license to practice the kind of law I wanted to practice. I trusted the process. What made it easy to trust the process was that I could see the tangible results from others who had gone before me, and I also had an institution to reinforce the message of trusting the process.

But, what happens when you can’t see the tangible results of what you are aiming for? Do you still trust the process? What happens if you lack the institutional support? Do you still trust the process?

For example,  do you trust the process when your weight loss program, relationships, careers, family drama etc. seems to be getting worse, despite all the hard work you have done to improve the situation?

I believe trusting the process is about faith in the unseen. It is about believing that if you show up and do your part, and do so consistently and with a positive attitude, it will all fall in place and things will be exactly how they are meant to be.

Today and everyday #trustheprocess and let it guide you to stay the course and win your race! It all works out in the end, really.

-Ms. Uduak