Who is in your driver’s seat?

MsUduakO Inspiration

One reason we panic when chaos or uncertain times show up in our lives is that we do not trust who is in the driver’s seat. Usually, there are several people we place in the driver’s seat.

The first, of course, is ourselves but 100% of the time through our own words, and actions, it becomes clear we DO NOT trust ourselves in the driver’s seat. The second group of people we place behind the wheel of our lives are others i.e. family, spouses, friends, acquaintances, etc.

And to be clear, because we do not trust ourselves in the driver’s seat, we DEFINITELY do not trust others in it, either.

So when uncertain times come, when the storm hits, we find ourselves being so stressed out, panicking, falling apart, thinking we have it worse than everybody else and so forth and so on.

But check this out, there is such beauty in uncertain times and the unknown when we trust who is in driver’s seat, and we do not place ourselves in it, but God.

Why? Because we know for a fact that with God at the wheel power we are guaranteed to arrive at our destination safe and sound, even if we do not know where we are headed.

It’s like meeting up with that wonderful friend who you barely see but only once a year. Nevertheless, the connection is so strong that you don’t know where the conversation will end up, but you know it will be a very good, healthy, and safe place/space.

Right now, I want to encourage you that if you are going through a tough time, ask yourself, “who is in the driver’s seat?’ Make sure it is God because when you do, you know you will be just okay. Have faith. Believe and believe in the one who is certain even in uncertain times.


Republished article supporting mental health and wellness awareness.