Don’t Settle for the Familiar

Ms. Uduak Inspiration

It’s 2020 and if there is one thing I’d like to impart to you, it has to be not to settle for the familiar, not to settle for the same ‘ole. This is especially true when you know that you are not called to be average. I know it can be scary to imagine venturing from your comfort zone, but trust me it is worth it.

What does it mean not to settle for the familiar? It means not letting fear stop you from unleashing the very best in you that you are yet to offer to the world. So, how do you know that you are settling for the familiar? It is primarily manifested in your career, relationship, and health. You know that you can do so much more with your career but you play it safe. You stick with the familiar because you want that steady paycheck, and stay in that stagnant situation you should have left a long time ago.

In relationships, you do the same. You know your current “situationship” is unhealthy. But, you want the false sense of security that comes from being in a relationship even though it is a toxic situation so you refuse to let go when you know you should. The same goes for health. Prioritizing everything and everyone else over your health. All of the aforementioned are examples of settling for the familiar.

This 2020, push your self harder than you ever have. Get outside of your comfort zone.

Why? It is because for you to grow and maximize your true and full potential, you must learn to stop settling for the familiar. As the American author, motivational speaker and businessman Jack Canfield once said, “everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

So, don’t settle for the familiar

It is time to step up and step into your greatness. You can do it.

All my love to you.

~Ms. Uduak