The Fear of You

I am pretty sure nobody tells children’s stories as great as my sister does. She is awesome and the instances I have been privileged to watch her, the kids soak it all up. She has worked with kids professionally for a long time so it is no surprise she is so good with them.  So, here is the story she told me.

Over the weekend, at the church she attends, she was telling a children’s story and the topic she chose to discuss was fear. She first established what fear meant through the responses from the kids. Some of the kids said when they were afraid, they hid underneath their covers at night, others said they hid under a table. Then she asked what are some of the things the kids and people, in general, can be afraid of. Some responded that they were afraid of the dark and other routine responses you would expect children to say. But one kid, a seven-year-old, stood out.

She said, “you can be afraid of you.”  My sister thought that was such a deep and very mature response from the seven-year-old and the adults in the congregation also muttered similar sentiments.  When she told me the story, it made an impression and I made a mental note to share it with you.

The fear of you. Are you afraid of you? Your assignment this week is to really think about whether you are afraid of you. To assist you in making the unconscious conscious, think and then write down in your journal or on a piece of paper what it is exactly about you that you are afraid of.

Also, write down the actions as a result of your fear of you that you find are self-limiting, and/or hurting you and those you love. Don’t be so quick to want to fix any perceived self-limiting actions. This is simply an awareness exercise. Become aware and answer the question for yourself, “are you afraid of you?” 

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#Stepintoyourgreatness, start now.

-Ms. Uduak

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