Honor Your Commitments to Yourself.

You’ve been here before. Oh yes, you know you have. A gazillion times over, you’ve made the same commitments to yourself, and you keep failing to honor them. Everyone else, you are okay with delivering on your commitments, everyone but yourself.

Why is that? Wait. Don’t tell me. I am sure you have many reasons, all of which seem valid. But frankly, as crude as it may sound, they are all excuses.

There is no excuse, at this moment, and at this exact time in your life that justifies not honoring your commitment to self.

You MUST begin honoring your commitments to self.

If you have said over and over, and over again, that you need to leave a toxic relationship because it no longer serves you and you know it is unhealthy, LEAVE and don’t look back.

If you have said over and over again that you need to work on self-improvement because your immaturity, insecurity, and emotional baggage from past relationships is wrecking your marriage. Why are we still here and you haven’t lifted a finger?

If you have said over and over again that you want to lose weight, because you know you have to and deserve good health, then LOSE WEIGHT. There is no excuse: not your jet-setting lifestyle, your busy role as an executive, a business owner, your rigorous touring schedule as an artist that justifies why you have failed to deliver on the commitments you made to yourself. None whatsoever, not even fear. It is simply a decision that must be made.

A decision to not take the easy way out, to not give up on yourself and to sow as much in you as you do others, if not more. I often wonder that when we go all out for people in our lives at our own detriment, and then call it love, is it really love?

If you are a manager and go all out for an artist you manage at the expense of your health etc. because you love this artist and believe he/she is the next big thing, is it really love or is it just a camouflage for NOT dealing with and facing your own life issues? If you can’t effectively manage this artist and your health, how exactly do you think you will be around for the long run when this artist becomes famous?

If you are reading this and have children, please don’t use children as an excuse for not honoring your commitments to self. I can’t count how many times I hear people do this. Children cannot and will not fill the void that is left from you failing to honor the commitments you make to yourself.

I think you get my point. This week is about holding yourself accountable and following through on honoring your commitments to self. Keep your commitments practical not some sci-fi out of this world promises. Take baby steps. Rome truly was not built in a day.

If you have fallen hard in life, which every one of us at some point has or will, you’ve gotta get up from that fall. Life is what it is. Life’s curveballs will come. After so many of them, you might just want to lay flat on the ground and not get up for a very long while. Trust me I know what that feels like. But, you’ve gotta get up, and fight back.

Fighting back means you start with first shifting your mindset, and honoring your commitments to yourself.

Get into action. Make it happen. One tiny step at a time. Your soul will thank you for it.

~Ms. Uduak

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