Choose Yourself First

MsUduakO Inspiration

Why do we as humans continuously choose ourselves last, and then get very resentful about it? We do it at work, in marriages, in relationships, careers, businesses etc. If we don’t get very resentful about it, it is a different thing. But when you get deeply resentful, it is a sign that you are not honoring and taking care of yourself. I know I have been guilty of this in the past, and when I realized it, I stopped getting resentful and just started to choose myself, first. I am already very good at saying “no” to things that I do not want and you can very rarely pressurize me into doing what I do not want to do.

But I realized in certain areas of my life, I chose myself last and then got mad. Being that my natural makeup is to question things all the time, I one day began to ask why I got resentful in those areas of my life. I realized the fault was all with me. I was choosing myself last, and expecting others to read my mind and reciprocate how I felt they should. I put an end to it right then and there, and made sure choosing myself first was applicable across the board in all areas of my life.

Choose yourself first. In your marriage, family, business, relationships, choose yourself first. A great analogy and often used is that of being on an airplane and receiving safety instructions from the flight attendant. The flight attendant 100% of the time explains to you that in the event of an emergency, you should attend to yourself first and wear your life-saving vest before doing that for anyone, including your own child.

The bottom line? If you choose to constantly save everyone but yourself, don’t get so resentful when everyone keeps taking and do not reciprocate.

Now go do better.


-Ms. Uduak