You Must Go Within to Have the Wealth You Seek.

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It’s a fresh new week. On your marks, get set, hit the reset button! All of the worries and concerns of last week, simply let go. Take a deep breath.

This week, make your intentions clear and then command the week to bring to you nothing short of all things positive that you want it to bring. Then, believe and it shall be so.

This week as you pursue the wealth you seek (financial, emotional, spiritual, psychological, mental), take a careful listen to your self-talk. How much of the self-talk is criticism? How much of it is fear? How much of it is encouraging?

I believe our self-talk and who we tell ourselves we are, has a direct correlation to how much wealth/success we attain, in all areas of our lives.

Become conscious of your self-talk, nurture your mind, acknowledge your flaws but choose to stop the self-criticism and love yourself, unconditionally, one day at a time.

It is in so doing, I believe, that the door is ultimately left ajar for you, beckoning the wealth and/true financial freedom you seek to flow in, uninterrupted.

In short, you must go within to love self unconditionally, in order to have all the wealth you seek and can create.

Have a great week ahead.

With love,
Ms. Uduak

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