This website and all that it encompasses and will encompass has been a long time coming. I think it is safe to say it is an amalgamation of all of my experiences in life so far: personal, spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental,  social justice issues, women issues, children issues, the legal justice system, relationships, Africa, business and the list goes on. It frankly just takes me back to my childhood vision of becoming what I am today. So, when I write, as with all my writings, expect that it comes from a place of passion as it always does but this time, an even deeper passion that is at the center of what drives all that I do. It is a place to focus on and nurture me and in so doing, urges you in your respective journey to unapologetically nurture you as well!

Expect a daily dose of inspiration encompassing audios, videos and quotes, starting next week (from me and the inspiring speakers who motivate me). Also expect my potent writings that express as much as I want to say about the aforementioned topics some of which are very near and dear to my heart. Anything less will be me trying to be what I am not. And that, in my book, is simply unacceptable.

Welcome to my new home. Relax. You are in great company.

With love,
Ms. Uduak

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