Ms. Uduak has spoken at diverse organizations. Here is what a few have to say…

“Thank you for a very memorable talk — our Fashion Law Bootcampers loved you and were very inspired. ~Susan Scafidi, Founder, Fordham Fashion Law Institute

“I just want to say, thank you. [Y]our speech, presentation, motivational pep talk, sermon all in one, was so awesome, deep, relevant, moving, inspiring, spirit-filled etc. We so appreciate you. Thanks again for sharing your gifts with us…” ~Nadia Butler, Capitol City Women’s Ministry 

“Thank you for your motivational speech you presented to our youths at our Youth Camp in Leoni Meadows. Our youths were inspired, learnt so much and it has encouraged them to grow and become better persons personally and spiritually.” ~Ana Lutu, Tongan SDA Church 

“Uduak –  Your Business Law for Entrepreneurs training was a huge success, and the response from the attendees was amazingly positive.  You were a huge hit, as I knew you would be…” ~Deborah Lowe Muramoto,  Director of Women’s Business Center, California Capital Financial Development Corporation

Thank you for [y]our time to conduct the workshop, Fashion Law 101: Legal Issues in the Fashion Industry, in our San Francisco Office. [W]e reviewed the evaluations, and all the participants found the workshop to be very helpful and informative. We also received many comments rating the workshop and your presentation as “excellent.” We thought your presentation was outstanding as well, and hope to have you back for another event in the near future!” – California Lawyers for the Arts

“Uduak is a dynamic young lawyer, an entrepreneur, a model, and an inspiring motivational speaker. In all the years we’ʹve worked together, she’ʹs been consumate professional. She initiated The Black Star News’ʹs fashion section and was its founding editor and also contributed health and fitness articles. Uduak is multi-­‐‑dimensional and has wide-­‐‑spanning interests…ʺ  Milton Allimadi, CEO/Publisher, The Black Star News.

“Uduak Oduok, is one of the more prolific names in the fashion industry. Her career spans modeling to media, the courtroom to the catwalk. She has so much experience in the fashion industry that all she submerges herself in is infused with her knowledge and infected with her passion for the industry.

Uduak is statuesque with an obvious model presence, but her intelligence is exuded in every word that she utters. She professes an air of confidence and knowledge.

Dedicating her time to spotlighting the emerging African fashions scene to bring it global recognition, she has written articles for major fashion media and worked to create her own multi-­‐‑level media company. Her connections within the fashion and entertainment industries have facilitated an exposure of African’s fashion and entertainment world to the global world.

Uduak’s extensive experience in the entertainment world has garnered her respect among celebrities, media professionals and entertainment professionals, not to mention, fashion education.

When putting together a panel of distinguished fashion professionals, I immediately reached out to Uduak to be a part of a unique event to showcase the fashion industry. She responded instantly and her presence on the panel was a perfect fit to round out the group. She offered to our students a keen perspective of the industry that the other members could not. Because, as a model, she had been an insider, and, as an attorney, she sees the business and legal side, her perspectives were practical and insightful, and her presence commanded the audience, which was made up of fashion students and area professionals.

Uduak has such a keen and uncanny sense of fashion, beyond the consumerable to the creative, artistic and perhaps misunderstood. She truly gets it. She knows this business from so many perspectives and angles, having first-­‐‑hand knowledge and the most intimate experiences in so many areas of the industry.

Uduak is a rare gem in this business. While most are jaded after years of experience in the business, she is more passionate than ever and driven to use that experience in new and innovative capacities. She is a mentor, an example, an idol, and an expert in so many ways.” ~Leslie Asfour, Fashion Director for Delta College.

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