Ms. Uduak is a powerful and compelling speaker who has spoken at diverse organizations including colleges, law schools, conferences, churches, women organizations and corporations. She is also a legal commentator who has provided legal insight and analysis on the intersection of pop culture and the law for diverse local and international media outlets.
Her topics include:

• How to Build Your Career by Trailblazing Your Own Path.
• How to Create Media Buzz for Your Business & Stay Out of Trouble.
• Crisis Management Law for Celebrity & Influencer Brands.
• Business Law for Entrepreneurs.
• Fashion Law for Designers & Fashion Brand Owners.
• How to Become a Fashion Lawyer.

Connect with Ms. Uduak

Ms. Uduak offers the following consulting services in the communications, creative, and legal sectors:

  • Africa Fashion & Entertainment IP strategy.
  • Brand strategy.
  • Career and thought leadership strategy.
  • Content strategy including podcasting, and vlogging.
  • Digital marketing strategy.
  • Public relations strategy.

Connect with Ms. Uduak

Ms. Uduak is the co-founder of EBITU LAW GROUP, P.C., a California law firm providing legal services to businesses and individuals where she handles her firm’s intellectual property law, business, fashion, and entertainment law practice areas.

For over a decade, she has litigated a wide variety of cases in California courts. She has also handled a variety of entertainment deals for clients in the USA, Africa and Asia including network television and licensing deals. Her work and contributions to the creative industry have been recognized by numerous organizations including the National Bar Association, The American University School of Law and featured in prestigious legal publications including the ABA Journal, California Lawyer Magazine, and Emory University School of Law, Law

Review.For legal inquiries or legal representation, visit Ms. Uduak at EBITU LAW GROUP, P.C.