Ms. Uduak is a powerful speaker with a commanding presence and a compelling story. She has spoken at numerous organizations including schools, conferences, women organizations, corporations and churches. If you are looking to inspire and possibly transform others in your organization with actionable steps, Ms. Uduak is your woman.


  • How to Step into Your Greatness and Be All You Were Created to Be (Keynote)
  • How to Create Media Buzz for Your Business & Stay Out of Trouble.
  • How to Build Your Career by Trailblazing Your Own Path.
  • Business Law 101 for Entrepreneurs.
  • Fashion Law 101 for Designers, Models & Brand Owners.
  • Music Law, Copyrights & Trademarks for Artists.

Connect with Ms. Uduak

Ms. Uduak offers the following consulting services in the communications, creative, and legal sectors:

  • Personal or business SWOT analysis/assessment.
  • Formulate personal/business/career/thought leadership strategy.
  • Formulate brand visual identity and image.
  • Formulate a content strategy.
  • Formulate a media strategy.
  • Formulate social media strategy.
  • Resources to help you implement identified strategies.

Connect with Ms. Uduak

For legal inquiries or legal representation, visit Ms. Uduak at FASHIONENTLAW.COM.