Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for your interest in retaining my consulting services. I am truly excited for the opportunity to help you succeed and maximize your fullest potential! I have over two decades of experience and do all the thinking so you don’t have to.

For me, the journey in helping you amplify your voice as a thought leader, gain much-needed clarity on your career pathway, or obtain personal breakthroughs that manifest themselves in your business growth is a personal one. I am fully committed to you, should we be a fit, for the long run. My creative director, pr/media consulting and brand strategy services help businesses and individuals position themselves for and attain success. As a business owner, an attorney who has represented numerous businesses and individuals and a media industry insider, I understand, all too well, the challenges individuals and businesses face in getting established and marketing their products and/or services. I am committed to your success.


I am enthusiastic, highly creative, results-driven and a straight shooter who believes, strongly, in honesty and open and constant communications will all clients I work with. The starting point before I take on any client; is to believe wholeheartedly in the client. To that end, it becomes my business to know as much as possible about you and even more specifically your personal and/or corporate brand values. What drives you? How would you describe your personality? What is the vision for your career or business? How do you define success? What are things in your past that might be a hindrance or affect your ability and ultimately mine to close deals and help you excel?

The nature of our relationship is intimate and involves constant communication so I can effectively and successfully help you communicate your personal and/or corporate brand values to your customers, fans, and the media. Once I am confident we are on the same page and my services have been retained, my modus operandi is to work quietly, behind the scenes, to make sure the spotlight, at all times, is on you.

I am highly selective about the clients I take on and offer a one-on-one custom-tailored approach that is results-driven.


  • Graduating college and law students.
  • Young and established Lawyers.
  • Thought leaders.
  • C-suite executives.
  • Influencers.
  • Celebrities.
  • Small to mid-sized business owners.


This strategy session is for you if you have established a personal or business brand and are looking to gain media visibility to grow your brand. I will help you with an in-depth custom-tailored understanding of:

  • How the media works and what they need from you.
  • How to give the media what the media wants.
  • How to approach & pitch your story to the media.
  • How to use social media to amplify your brand, and attract the media’s interest.
  • How to avoid legal liability in pursuit of media buzz.

1 HOUR CONSULTATION | Investment: $500.00


This strategy session is for you if you have a personal or business brand, feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and are unsure which direction to go, yet you realize you need change and help to reposition yourself for personal and/or business growth and success. Here is what is included:

  • Personal or business SWOT analysis/assessment.
  • Formulate personal/business/career/thought leadership strategy.
  • Formulate brand visual identity and image.
  • Formulate a content strategy.
  • Formulate a media strategy.
  • Formulate a social media strategy.
  • Resources to help you implement identified strategies.

3 HOUR CONSULTATION | Investment: $5,000.00




“For (y)ears, I have worked closely with Uduak and she has truly been instrumental in my re-branding as an international actress. Uduak is an intelligent, motivated and highly resourceful individual. Our partnership on the movie premiere of my movie “Through the Glass” in L.A. was exceptional. Uduak was able to reach out to the press and media in the U.S. and internationally, invited the right celebrities, and promoted the event through her numerous web platforms including Ladybrille Magazine. With the help of her team, we had a very successful movie premiere in Los Angeles.

A part of Uduak’s strongest suit is her unlimited depth of resources. Uduak referred me to a (public relations agency). With gratitude to Uduak’s connection, they helped me create a new image that has certainly helped in my crossover appeal as an artist. I believe that developing quality relationships with industry professionals across the world is the responsibility of any individual I seek to work with, and Uduak’s consistent contributions to that end has been excellent. I certainly do look forward to more collaborations with Uduak.” ~Stephanie Linus, A-List Actress & Filmmaker

How I Worked with Stephanie Linus

  • Formulated and provided complete brand and image consultation to help re-brand her image consistent with her personal and corporate brand values and vision including name choice, URL, website design and content, and social media marketing.
  • Linked her with a third-party vendor and conferred closely with the third party to execute on a new brand image (styling, new pictures, new look).
  • Formulated and wrote film synopsis that appears on the back of film packet of “Through the Glass.” The film synopsis was shared globally, at the Cannes Film Festival, and on hundreds of media and blog sites.
  • Formulated and led in the implementation of video production and distribution of the ‘Through the Glass’ premiere film online. The video was shared extensively on numerous platforms including media platforms with over  71 million viewers and on YouTube.
  • Formulated, led, and executed online marketing/media campaign strategy and search engine optimization to create awareness and news coverage of “Through the Glass.”
  • Managed story, reputation, and organized a promotional launch event for the movie.
  • Raised awareness which led to news coverage with American media and over 40 social media sites including an exclusive group of seasoned and highly respected fashion and lifestyle social media publishers (bloggers) with a large reach.
  • Tapped into my media and celebrity database and successfully secured celebrities and respected personalities to attend her debut.


Los Angeles based globally known celebrity

  • Provided journalistic and copywriting editing services for the famous Hollywood global brand.
  • Journalistic works on behalf of the client were published in reputable magazines retailed in over 20 countries and distributed to millions.
  • Consulted with client about online brand development and marketing incorporating social media.

Fashion Brand

  • Consulted with the fashion brand to create a total PR campaign and renovation of the brand image including a new website, logos, and fresh content.
  • Directed and worked closely with brand and third-party graphic design team in the execution of the new brand image.
  • Consulted and provided public relations/media services including business and brand strategy consultation, invited and secured celebrities, fashion industry influencers and design creatives, sponsors, and mainstream press coverage for the brand’s signature event.

Film Brand

  • Formulated and provided complete personal brand and image consultation to help re-brand client’s image consistent with stated brand values and vision.
  • Formulated offline and online media event strategies.
  • Led with research, visibility, design, content, media training, media kit, press releases, media advisory alerts, media follow up and social media incorporation to obtain positive news coverage for the brand’s signature event.
  • Tapped into my connection and database to secure celebrities and corporate sponsors for the event.
  • Obtained positive news coverage including from global media news agencies.