Ms. Uduak is the founder of Ladybrille, an award-nominated pioneer digital magazine celebrating brilliant women entrepreneurs and leaders, and de-stigmatizing the image of Africans through fashion and entertainment. She is also a publisher of two law blogs (a fashion, and entertainment law blog), is a contributing author to four books and has just completed her first music law book.

Some Published Works 

  • Co-Author of Chapter Two, ‘Modern Monetization Models,’ found in ‘The Monetization of the Global Music Music Business.’ Published by Frukt Source in association with The International Association of Entertainment Lawyers, 2016.
  • Author of Introductory Chapter, ‘Introduction,’ found in ‘An Introductory Guide to Fashion Law,’ published by U.C. Hastings Communications Law Journal and EBITU LAW GROUP, P.C., 2013.
  • Author of Chapter Ten, 10 Things You Should Know About Great African Music,’ found in ‘Challenges in the Music Industry.’ Published by Pearson Education Limited South Africa, 2010.
  • Publisher, Fashionentlaw™ (2010-present)
  • Publisher, Africa Music Law™ (2011-present)
  • Publisher, Ladybrille® (2007-present)