Ms. Uduak offers five key signature seminars/workshops focused on legal “how to dos” to help driven entrepreneurs and creative professionals protect their passions, thrive and avoid legal liability.  She also speaks on empowerment (including women empowerment), business, fashion, leadership and motivation. Her presentations are tailored to her audience whether they be colleges, conferences, churches, women organizations or corporations.

Keynote/Signature Speech: Step into Your Greatness, Start Now. 

Ms. Uduak’s shares her experience as a girl child raised in Nigeria, West Africa. She delves into the marginalization, and violent acts she witnessed committed against women and children and how that inspired her towards becoming a legal advocate. She also shares her unfortunate traumatic personal experience of sexual assault, struggling and finally facing the resulting fear, shame, guilt, and stigma to fully step into her greatness and begin living her best life. With her personal account, she inspires her audiences to embrace their fears to step into their greatness and live life to their fullest potentials.

1. How to Create Media Buzz for Your Business & Stay Out of Trouble 

In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • The value of media coverage
  • What the media wants
  • How to approach & pitch your story to the media
  • How to use social media to amplify your brand, and avoid legal liability


2. Business Law for Entrepreneurs

  • Company formation
  • Employment contracts
  • Intellectual property
  • Social media law
  • Preventing/or dealing with business liability/lawsuits.


3. Music Business, Branding & Copyright Law for Artists 

With this presentation, attendees will learn the basics of:

  • How the music industry works.
  • Marketing & Promotions.
  • Label record contracts.
  • Copyright Law.
  • Common music contracts.
  • Breakups & dealing with a lawsuit.


4. Modeling Law & Business for Fashion Models 

  • How the modeling industry works.
  • Breaking into the modeling world.
  • Legal contracts in the modeling world.
  • Working with model agencies.
  • Eating disorders & sexual harassment.
  • Endorsement deals
  • Model Agency breakups & dealing with a lawsuit.


5. Fashion Law & Business for Designers

With this presentation, attendees will  learn:

  • What is fashion law?
  • The trademark and copyright issues common in a fashion business
  • Other common contract legal issues in a fashion business
  • How fashion businesses can protect themselves, legally speaking

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